Dental RX is the solution to improve communication between dentists and labs

Every lab owner knows that communicating and collaborating with the dentist is crucial in order to achieve the best work possible. However, while some dentists embrace communication with their lab, some need to be encouraged to do so. Here are some ways of improving communication between the lab and the dentist.

Read full article on page 16 in the winter 2011 issue of Dental Technology Today.


D.P.S. The First Dental Publication To Offer a Digital Edition For The iPad










Have you ckecked out Dental Product Shopper on the iPad? Hopefully more and more dental magazines will offer a digital edition for iPad as dentists are now using their device daily in their practice.

Dental Product Shopper is a dental product resource that includes peer-to-peer product evaluations, information about the newest available products, practice building tips, and insights from well-known key opinion leaders.

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Why You Should Be Using iPads in Your Dental Practice










My business manager recently purchased an iPad for her family’s use to replace a laptop and provide a communication device for her son who has a communication disorder.  It has been fascinating to see the role that this iPad technology is playing in the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and communication disorders.  Her enthusiasm over its usefulness has led her to look into the uses of an iPad within a dental office.

Patient Education Tool

Useful Dental Apps

Dental Rx is a Crown and Bridge DENTAL LABORATORY PRESCRIPTION for dentists:

Charting Tool

Do you believe there’s a place for iPads in your practice? If your office is already making use of the iPad or considering purchasing one, please comment below with any tips or advice you may have for others.


To read the full article on Dental Heroes:

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Steve Jobs for KING OF THE WORLD

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I’m farklempt, read on, APP’s, more APP’s…….Laval, Canada– CANADA!!! – August 20, 2011

Created in partnership with Bold Technologies, an innovative mobile application marks the next step for Styledent Technologies in finding more solutions in new technologies with the goal of improving communication between dentists and technicians.
(– Building on its journey to become a leader in developing mobile dental applications, Styledent Technologies, in partnership with Bold Technologies, today announced the introduction of Dental Rx, the first crown and bridge dental lab prescription on iTunes App Store.
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Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks — including death itself — at the university’s 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005.

Improving Dentist-Technician Communication











With the intention of optimizing dentist-technician relationship, Dental Rx was created. Dental Rx is a new dental app for dentists  that allows him or her to take pictures of his or her patient with their iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch and fill out a digital prescription in only one simple step.

The lab then receives the pictures along with the prescription by email. This app encourages the dentist to take pictures of the patient, without having to do the extra steps involved such as, transfer the pictures in the computer and then send them by email to the lab. The app also serves as a reminder for the dentist, with its step-by-step approach, to ensure no important information has been omitted.

Lab owners could gift this app to their dentists, thus giving them a new technological and practical tool to better communicate with their lab. (It is available worldwide on the iTunes App Store). This app may be used to discuss a case while the patient is still sitting on the dentist’s chair, or when the patient cannot come to the lab for a custom shade appointment. It could also be used to take pictures of preoperative models for a quick estimate. Dental Rx is the first app of its kind, and it is very likely that dentists and labs will shift to these kind of apps in a quest for better communication.

There are many ways to improve communication and thus improve collaboration between the lab and the dentist.  Awareness, the correct use of modern communication medium, and use of latest mobile technology will benefit all parties. In the long run, communication and collaboration remain the keys to success.

Read this QR code to download DENTAL RX directly from your device.

or follow this link:

What is a QR reader? Download one now on your iPhone:

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Las Vegas ADA meeting October 10-13, 2011… There’s an app for that!

Are you getting ready for the ADA meeting in Las Vegas???

The American Dental Association is taking the mobile leap! The 2011 Annual Session Mobile App is now available!

This app is great for :

  • Conducting searches for exhibitors and product listings
  • Exploring the exhibit hall floorplan
  • Clicking through to exhibitor websites
  • Using email contacts to set appointments with exhibitors you want to see
  • Reading exhibitor e-brochures and product information
  • Getting information on show specials

The app is free so please download it and encourage the use of mobile dental apps !

Here is the code to download it:







Using your iPhone or iPad at your practice? Here is another great app that will help you save time when it comes to sending pictures along with your prescription to your crown and bridge lab.

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